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"Sister" Montessori Schools that we are inspired by

We are so happy to announce that we have taken the decision to build a Montessori School i in Delaware County! It will be the first private school for local kids in the county's known history, and the first school in Bovina Center in 60 years, since the last central school in the hamlet closed its doors in June 1961. We are led by the families we've met since moving we started coming to the area back in 2017, and of course our own two children, Amélie and Léon, who will be attending the school. But what really made us believe this could happen was the discovery of two similar, permaculture farm-based Montessori "sister" schools in our neighboring counties Sullivan and Greene:

Catskill Montessori School - opened in fall 2020

The Homestead School - opened in 1978 (pictured above) It is not a small thing to start a school; if they saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, we believe that it takes a county to build a school! We hope you are interested in supporting our journey, whether actively or passively, as we were welcomed when we moved up here full-time.

While we wait to get everything to reveal more, please feel free to watch this 5 minute video from The Homestead School:

We look forward to sharing more,

All the best,

Sophie & David

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