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The greatest sign of success for a to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist."

Maria Montessori

Our Lead Guides


Gabrielle Harp, Toddler Lead Guide

I have lived in the Catskills my whole life. My mom raised us on a hobby farm with 3 acres and plenty of land to run around on. That's where my love of being outside started. Animals are also a big passion of mine. Some of my hobbies include spinning, knitting, weaving, and rug hooking. I have spent my entire life working with children. I have a BA in education, I have taught children in gymnastics, I have given swim lessons (I'm a WSI and a lifeguard), taught children to read, and worked in countless classrooms, including just recently as a cooking teacher at Manhattan Country Day School in Roxbury.

I am currently taking my AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma Training, to become a fully trained AMI Montessori Guide. I live with my fiancé in Andes with two dogs and two cats. I am looking so much forward to joining Bovina Montessori and guiding all of our little ones! 


Jess Gilman, Primary Lead Guide

I spent the first few years of my life on a farm in the Delaware Valley, where I developed a deep love of nature and animals. I then moved to lower Westchester, to begin school and have lived there ever since, working and raising two children. I found Montessori by accident when taking a job as an assistant at a local preschool. I was amazed at how independent and capable the children in the class were and fell in love with the philosophy. I received my Montessori certification a few years later and enjoyed the next six years as a lead teacher. I have a background in art from SUNY Purchase, with a focus on drawing and photography. I've also studied gardening, permaculture, and native planting, and enjoy incorporating these skills into the daily life of the children in the class. I am  passionate about sustainability and creating classrooms that focus on reducing waste, composting, caring about the environment, and each other. I also continue to learn American Sign Language, which I include in the curriculum. In my free time I love to travel in my camper van with my kids and dogs, volunteer at the library, read a ton, and of course, gardens. I am very much looking forward to being a part of this beautiful school and returning to the country!

Charlotte Snyder, Elementary Lead Guide

I grew up in a few locations but mainly in Skaneateles and Cooperstown NY.  I spent a lot of my childhood running around on farms, doing chores and caring for animals. I am a mother of two grown children: Francesca and Angus, who went to Montessori and Waldorf schools. My BA is in anthropology with a major in education, and I have a Master's in Special Education & Literacy.

I have been teaching uniquely-abled learners, mainly in three different Catholic Schools in the Bronx for the past ten years. I have loved every minute of that experience! I have taught all ages from grade 1 to 8, and primarily students with Individualized Education Plans. I am a horse lover and also enjoy sailing and boating. I am fascinated with Montessori education and cannot wait to do outdoor learning! I am excited to start my two-year AMI Elementary Diploma Program, while guiding the elementary program at Bovina Montessori. 

Second Round Recruitment of Guides for School Year 2022-2023

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