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Being a Montessori Parent is a special experience and can even be transformative. Getting immersed in the theory and methodology behind this education, you begin to reflect about your own upbringing and how you are approaching other human beings in your world, including your own children.

Dr. Maria Montessori deeply encouraged that adults in the home environment learn about the method and how it can guide your child to becoming a productive and happy citizen in society.

Here are some aspects that Dr. Maria Montessori focused on for adults working and/or raising children:

Educating the Whole Child


Freedom within Limits

Understanding the Absorbent Mind

Fostering the Child's Independence

Experiential Learning & Auto-education

The Adult as the Guide

We invite you to read this wonderful Presentation called A Change Within: Removing Obstacles to Development by the executive director of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Lynne Lawrence, which touches upon our own important work as adults in our children's world. 

We also encourage parents to visit Aid to Life, a wonderful resource for parents looking for more advice, including how to apply Montessori at home. Another great resource is Montessori Seeds, which offers great articles, podcasts, and videos.

In addition to these offers, the organization AMI-USA encourages parents, new Montessori staff, and other interested parties the opportunity to enroll in online orientation courses (offered nation-wide), in the age group of your interest, to understand at a more in-depth level the philosophy behind, what to expect in a Montessori classroom, and most importantly, how you as a parent or caregiver can carry these activities over into life at home, for a more seamless experience for your child.

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