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Pink Street Festival

Every First Sunday of June, we host a "Festival on Pink Street", on our campus in collaboration with the local non-profit KidSkill Fund.

You can learn more about the Pink Street Festival on their website here

Pink Street refers to the local moniker for County Highway 5, which is the road that the school is located on. The name "Pink Street" has been around for more than a 100 years, although there is no documentation for why it was nicknamed that. Some stories refer to the original dirt road that would look pink when the sun would shine on it, others will say it comes from a period where many girls were born on the farms lining the road, which resulted in pink-hued bloomers always hanging out to dry, while some claim it stems from the growth of many pink azaleas on the road.

Whatever the story, we are proud to be a part of the history of Pink Street and have in its honor created a Festival to celebrate all the good things that Delaware County has to offer, with a special focus on children, young people and families. 

The event is free for anyone, with donations accepted. Many free activities are offered at the vendors and throughout the event, to engage children and families and share more about our lovely region and its inhabitants. Our school offers free tours of the classrooms and campus for those interested. See you on Pink St. in June!

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