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Thank you for your interest in our future Montessori school in the heart of Delaware County.

We hope to open our farm-based school this coming September 2021.


We plan to open three classrooms; a 18m-3yr toddler classroom, a 3-6 year "children's house" classroom, and a 6-12 year classroom (elementary). If you are interested in learning more about the programs and enrollment, we encourage you to sign up to our email updates for latest news.

It is our hope to open two additional classrooms in the fall 2022, for ages 9-12 years (upper elementary) and 12-15 years (intermediate), splitting the existing 6-12 class up into two. We will later open an upper secondary classroom for ages 15-18 years, as and when needed.

We have located a school property site on an old farm in Bovina, and are working on raising the funds to purchase and prepare it for its use as a school.

The School aims to offer an authentic Montessori educational environment, with emphasis in the curriculum on four areas of interest:


Nature conservation in the form of watershed studies, foresting, and nature care.


Bolstering creative imagination and artful expression through work in (finer) arts and crafts.


Permaculture farm practices, including animal care, planting, growing, harvesting and preserving foods.


Becoming sustainable in life through entrepreneurial skills and tools to garner (financial) independency and agency.