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Thank you for your interest in our nature-based Montessori school on a farm in the heart of Delaware County, New York.

We opened our doors in September 2021, with a 18m-36m toddler classroom, a 3-6 year primary classroom, and a 6-12 year elementary classroom.


In September 2022, we opened our middle school classroom for ages 12-15 years. In October 2023, we opened our second 18m-36m toddler classroom. In September 2024, we plan to open a high school classroom for ages 15-18 years, and in January 2025 we will open an infant "Nido" classroom, thereby servicing children all the way from 8 weeks through 18 years.

If you are interested in learning more about the programs and enrollment, we encourage you to browse the website, sign up to our email updates for latest news, contact us at, and/or begin the admission process.

We are so fortunate to offer our students a magical school property on an old 1800s dairy farm in Bovina, with 50 acres of our own and more than 300 acres of protected NYC land surrounding us and at our disposal.

We draw on Dr Maria Montessori's work for our pedagogical philosophy and method, in that we are providing our students with the opportunity to Prepare For Life and not just further formal education.

Our School aims to offer an authentic, AMI-recognized Montessori educational environment, with a curriculum that emphasizes four core areas, reflective of our geographical region:

”To consider the school as a place where instruction is given is one point of view. But, to consider the school as
preparation for life is another. In the latter case, the school must satisfy all the needs of life.”

- Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence


Nature conservation in the form of watershed studies, foresting, and overall soil, plant, and animal care.


Bolstering creative imagination and self expression through work in arts and crafts.


Permaculture farm practices, including animal husbandry, food production, structure maintenance and working with sustainable technology.


Learning entrepreneurial skills and tools to garner (economic) independence and agency.

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