Bovina Center Montessori School is beginning a new history of education in Delaware County, New York. As our mission states, our goal is to offer a unique education opportunity "for all children seeking it."

As a small, private school, we rely on donations from individuals and organizations to ensure we can build appropriate educational programs and facilities, as well as provide ample scholarships to eligible students.

There are a few ways you can help:

Our school property is located on an 1800s dairy farm - turned summer camp - and now a school. It needs a number of renovations, including the Barn (future classrooms and cafeteria), the Carriage House (future art studio, music rooms, wood/metal/ceramic/fiber arts workshops), the Strawberry Barn (teacher accommodation), the original 1960s in-ground pool, and the tennis court.

We also have a number of new structures and facilities planned for the school: A one-acre natural playground for all ages, animal shelters for farm livestock, two four-season greenhouses, an indoor sports gymnasium/theatre, soccer/baseball/track/athletics field with bleachers, 2 dormitories for 40 students, and more.


We are so honored to share a new, private scholarship fund in the name of our former Montessori Advisor, Barbara Callahan, who passed away this year. 

Barbara was a licensed marriage and family therapist and a nationally certified psychoanalyst. In addition to this, she was a long-term school external consultant for five Montessori Schools in Fairfield County, CT, and ran bi-monthly parenting seminars, teacher workshops, and other staff support seminars at 7 regional preschools in the Tristate area. 

Prior to these professions, she had over 18 years of experience in founding and teaching at Montessori schools, while also being a Montessori parent. She earned her AMI International Montessori Diploma at the Southern Montessori Institute and founded The Children’s House (Montessori) in Hong Kong, before relocating and teaching ages 2.5 - 6 years at two other Montessori schools; Sunset Montessori School (Miami, FL) and The Montessori School (Wilton, CT). Along with assisting in the start-up phase of our school, Barbara helped support our management of classrooms, parent and staff communication. 


Sponsor our Sports Teams

Bovina Center Montessori School will soon be hosting the sports teams listed below. Please note that players do not need to be enrolled at our school to join the teams. We are in need of sports wear, gear, and field items (goals, nets, etc.), coach fees, and sometimes help with transportation, once we are ready for competitions.

Baseball Little League - "Bovina Dairy Kids" (10-12 yrs, co-ed)

Soccer League - "Bovina Wolves" (junior team: 6-9 yrs co-ed, middle team: 10-12 yrs, co-ed)

More teams and sports will be added when facilities and interest are available. If you are interested in specifically sponsoring the sports teams, please contact us directly at