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How To Support Us

It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to build a school.


We are so grateful that many parents have already expressed an interest in supporting us in any way they can! Here are the best ways to contribute:

1) Become a monthly supporter of children's education and programming through our favorite non-profit KidSkill Fund's donation page. The organization is doing important work in raising funds for children's enrichment and educational programming in the greater Catskill region. Our school regularly applies for donations here to predominately support our children's scholarship fund, so families in need can ensure that their child's spot at our school is safe. The more funds we raise through here, the less we need to take funds from our operating and renovation budgets to support these families. 


2) Offer your skills and talents either through helping volunteer at fundraising and social events (including the KidSkill Fund's Pink Street Festival), or via projects/activities at the school, be it run a workshop during the summer or the school year, help with renovations, take photos/videos to create marketing/PR for the school, or give a presentation to the students. Please reach out to us on or to our afterschool and summer school program coordinator, Becky Manning at, if there is something you think the school and the local community would benefit from!


3) You are welcome to ask to host an event at the school or campus. Please let us know what you have in mind at and how you can see this may benefit the school in some way. 

Thank you for your help and interest in our school! 

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