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Our Programs


Our school will follow an authentic Montessori curriculum across the different programming levels. The utilization of a prepared environment includes Montessori hands-on materials for each mixed-age group. Montessori classrooms have mixed-age groups, such as an infant-toddler program, early childhood program (“Children’s House”) serving 3-6 year olds, elementary programs serving grades 1-6, and secondary serving grades 7-12.


The reasoning behind mixing age groups is manifold:


  • Allows longer teacher observation and engagement, to better observe the individual needs of students and to more clearly understand and encourage the development of their unique learning style.


  • Offers an experience of leadership, encourages responsibility as well as creativity and interpersonal skills, and helps students to better understand their own mental processes.


  • Allows students to interact with a range of ages, experiences, and abilities and thus provides a far more realistic representation of the world outside the classroom walls, better preparing children for their teens and adulthood. Furthermore, it allows students to learn from each other, as older students also help guide younger ones, thereby fixating the lessons even further for themselves.

  • Reduces competitiveness as everyone is working on different things during the day, thus enabling each child to learn lessons in their own time, with more chances to revisit, if need be.

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