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After School Activities

Our After school program choices are selected to enrich bodies, minds and spirits, beyond traditional school and work hours.


Please note that all after school programming is offered to all local children and young adults in the regional area, and not just those enrolled/involved at Bovina Montessori. 

We are always welcoming after-school instructors and guides! If you are interested in providing a workshop or activity at Bovina Montessori, please contact our Operations Coordinator, Becky Manning at






All Extended Care and After School Activities run from 3:45 - 5pm. 

The spring semester will start the week of April 8th, 2024 and run through June 7th, 2024.


Toddler (18m-36m) and Primary (3-6y) Extended Care Programming

April:  17 days @ $20 per day total monthly amount $340.  

May:  21 days @ $20 per day total monthly amount $420

June:  10 days @ $20 per day total monthly amount $180


Our Primary Aftercare is run by our Guide Carley Moore. On Wednesdays the primary aftercare group joins the Craft Club (see below). 
On other days, Carley plans out engaging activities.  

After School Programming 



Title: Bovina Youth Soccer League  (First Class April 15)

Guide:  John Virga

Ages: 6 - 14  years (Note: 5 Participants needed to make the class run) 

Workshop Description:  Join your friends in practicing soccer drills, understanding the rules and playing the game of soccer.  Guide John Virga has grown up playing soccer and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the game with others.    

Fee: $80 for entire 7 week session

NOTE: If financial assistance is needed, please contact


Private Lesson Opportunity: Piano (First Available Lesson on April 8)

Guide:  Gina Lefferts

Ages:  6 - 14 years

Description:  Gina is able to adjust to teaching each at their own pace.  

Fee:  $50 for 30 minute &  $60 for 45 minute lessons.  

NOTE: If you are interested in having your child sign up.  Please reach out personally to 

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Title:  Wolf Pack Runs  (First Class April 9 - runs till Sunday June 1)

Guide:  Rachael Patterson Collins (raced in Australian nationals) + parent volunteers!

Ages: 5+ years

Description:  This Program is designed to introduce students to the basics of running.  The end goal is to participate in a 5K race at the Bridge Run on June 1 in Delhi.  We will represent the Wolves in the Race!  Parents and Guardians are welcome to participate in this Club and work towards the Goal of competing in a 5K race along with the children.  

Fee:  $60/per child for the entire period.  This will cover the cost of a tee shirt and registration for the event. 

NOTE: Adults who are participating will need to sign up for the event through the Bridge Run website.  



Title: Craft Club/ DIY projects
Guides:  Student Leaders - Korra and Sophie

Adult Supervisor:  Carley Moore

Ages: 3 - 14 years

Workshop Description: This student led program is filled with laughter and fun while participants draw, paint, sew, cut and glue creations.  Each day is different, with new concepts presented to the group by BCMS students Korra and Sophie.  

Fee:  $90 for entire 9 week session


Private Lesson Opportunity: Guitar (First Available Lesson on April 10)

Private Lesson Instructor:  Tom Piscitelli

Ages: 8 - 14 years are welcome to participate in lessons

Description:  These are half hour lessons, where the student will be taught the basics to get started.  Each child should bring their own guitar to the lesson. 

Lesson time slots will start at 3:30 - 4:00pm and will progress from there.  It will be on a first come first serve basis. If you would like your child to participate earlier in the afternoon then sign up soon.  

Fee:  $50/ 30 minutes &  $60/ 45 minutes

NOTE: The school may have extra guitars to rent.


Title:  Table Tennis (First Class April 12)

Guide:  Ilya Solovyev  (Former competitive table tennis player.)

Ages:   7  - 15 (Max of ten participants) 

Workshop Description: 

  • Develop essential motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and quick reflexes

  • Learn the fundamentals of table tennis, including proper technique, footwork, and strategy

  • Have coaching tailored to suit each child's unique needs and learning style

  • Improve focus, discipline, and perseverance through engaging activities

  • Make new friends and learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship

  • Enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle while having loads of fun

Fee: for 8 lessons $90  

NOTE: No lessons on May, 24.

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