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End of School Year Updates

We are coming to the end of our 2023-2024 school year, and what a school year it has been! So many developments and growth, not the least with another Toddler Classroom that opened in October and four new staff members.

We have grown now to 52 students in five classrooms, and have recently been licensed to add a High School Program this fall, and we are also planning to open our first Infant Classroom (8wks-18mos) this January 2025. We are still hiring more staff this coming year, and our three oldest classrooms will be relocating to larger spaces next year, two of which we started work on renovations for this week to accommodate for the influx of more students. We are finally beginning the journey of renovation in our 22,000 square foot "blue" barn, which will eventually host all classroom from ages 3-18 years. We are starting on the first floor this summer, with our Primary (preschool) and our Middle/High School classrooms being built, along with two communal spaces that will be used for events and after school programming. We look forward to share more on our projects on our Instagram account!

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