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Summer School & Daycare


***2024 Summer School & Daycare Program: Pending. Please revisit this page in Spring 2024 or contact our Operations Coordinator, Becky at***



Our summer program is open for all children in the community, even if not enrolled at the school. 

Our Parent Co-Working Space will be available for those parents need a place to work, while the summer programs are running. 


You can sign up your child for any or all of the weeks below. Please note that places are limited. Available spaces will be on a first come, first serve basis.


Age: 3.5 - 13 years (for younger kids: must no longer be napping to participate)

Dates: July 10 - August 4, 2023

Time: 9am-2:30pm from Monday to Friday.

Price: $295/child per week (Lunch + Snacks not included).


July 10-14 - Week 1: Summer Time With Textiles

Lead Guide: Megan

Where do our clothing, bedding, furniture and other textiles in our life actually come from? This week's camp will allow kids to delve into the world of soft textiles and their origins. We’ll learn how natural fibers come from, how they’re created and what we can do with them. Camp activities will include examining the plants and animals they come from, natural dyeing techniques and methods, weaving fibers into cloth and finally sewing cloth and fabric (both by hand and with sewing machines) into beautiful handmade creations that kids adore. 

July 17-22 - Week 2: Theater / Tales from the Forest

Lead Guide: Maraya

Join up this summer for a week full of fun where your child will step into the forest and find all there is to discover. This week will be full of dancing, crafts, and most importantly acting games for your child to explore all of their abilities when comes to being theatrically creative. During this week your child will not only have fun, but they will put together a short tale (Tale of the Turnip & Goldilocks and The Three Bears) to present to families at the end of the week. 


July 24-28 - Week 3: Dance, Drumming & Rhythm!

Lead Guide: Vicky
With input from all the children in the creation process, the children will be guided by the instructor to explore, share and learn basic hand drumming rhythms, along with physical and spatial movement rhythms in synchronicity.  The use of sticks will be introduced for drumming rhythms as well.  The week will culminate in a short sound and dance demonstration for parents and family.

July 31 - August 4 - Week 4: Fun With Arts & Plants

Lead Guide: Blythe

During this immersive nature week, we will be working with items grown from both the school's garden and the surrounding wild, ranging from flower pressing, food processing, harvesting, soap and lotion making, and arts and craft projects with nature. We will also learn about the health of a plant and plant care, and enjoy the "fruits of our labor"!




We are happy to again offer half-day daycare for children ages 18 months to 3 years for some weeks over the summer! The daycare program will contain different outdoor activities with our staff to guide the little ones. The children will be involved in different games (including safe water and outdoor play), arts and nature projects, as well as music/song/dance activities.


Age: 18 months - 3 years

Dates: July 10 - August 4, 2022

Time: 9am-12pm from Monday to Friday.

Price: $195/child per week (Snacks are not included).

Message from Summer Daycare Lead Guide Nicole:

Hi mums and dads! am looking forward to exploring the month of July with the toddlers this year! I am a mother of 2 little ones, and currently raising them on our sheep farm/homestead in Franklin, NY. As an artist and homesteader, I love watching these little minds figure out the natural world while letting their imagination go wild on their own. My background is working for School Based Health which gives children access to full coverage healthcare at their schools, before I now homestead and do arts and crafts with little ones!

July 10-14 - Week 1: All the Colors!

Activities each day based on a different color, e.g. flower search by color, “stained glass” craft, water color and egg carton painting, nature color finding. Each day we will also explore bubbles, water play, animal visits, and open play in our gated play area.


July 17-22 - Week 2: My 5 Senses

Each day of the week would be a different sense we will explore! Touch, see, hear, taste and smell. Activities will include (touch) sensory play with kinetic sand, play dough, dried and wet rice.  Color crafts, flower arrangements, outside scavenger hunt,  musical instruments, Simon says games, working with healthy fruits and veggies, smell jars, and crafts with food scented crayons to name a few! Open play in our gated area will also be available.


July 24-28 - Week 3: Insects and Bugs 

A week full of crafts and games. We will be making headband antennas, felt bug wings, butterfly crafts (kids find things in nature to decorate a butterfly that they can take home, and looking for our tiny little friends! Bugs and Insect inspired stories and reading time will be included, as will open play in our gated area.


July 31 - Aug 4: Week 4: Fun on the Farm

We will work in the school's garden in raised beds where we will make soil, plant quick growing seeds and watering. We will germinate bean seeds to bring home and grow. Daily chicken visits, as well as farm animal visits - helping around the farm with feeding and petting. Daily farm- or garden-related crafts and open play in our gated area.

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