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Tuition & Financial Aid

At Bovina Center Montessori School, our primary goal is to offer an exceptional education, to any child seeking it (please read our Mission Statement for further details). Our tuition reflects the funding required to pay staff salaries, operational costs, and other vital school expenses. We offer tuition aid to those families, who are eligible and who request this.

Full-time Tuition per student 2021-2022: $14,000 per year ($1,167 per month )

Part-Time Tuition students 2021-2022 (currently only available for toddler program): $7,500 per year. ($625 per month)


Tuition Aid/Scholarships: we currently offer tuition aid that covers either 25% or 50% of the tuition fee.

Other discounts: we currently offer 15% discount on the tuition for the second child, and 25% discount on the tuition for a third child.

To start your admissions process, please go to our Admission Form page. If you are interested in Tuition Aid, please contact directly for more guidance and information on the process.

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