Montessori High School


(Please note that the 15-18 year program will be offered at a later time.)


The 15-18 year farm classroom experience continues on from the intermediate level, with further study into economics, and an understanding of its importance for everyday life. Another important aspect of the classroom environment is its continued emphasis on work in nature, in order to instill an appreciation and understanding of the responsibility of the planet on which we live and are a part of. Our four core areas of nature conservation, arts, sustainability (farming), and entrepreneurship are truly put to the test here.

The upper secondary curriculum is still under development and will be added here, when more is available. Our hope is to offer residency and boarding at this level.


For further inspiration about what we are preparing for, we invite you to read this great article from the International Montessori Training Institute.

We are also inspired by the Hershey Montessori School in Ohio and The Homestead School in New York, and are hoping to bring this secondary education experience to our farm-based school in Delaware County.