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Montessori High School


(Please note that our 15-18 year program will open in fall 2024.)


The 15-18 year AMI Montessori experience continues on from the middle school level, with further studies into economics, leadership, and an understanding of the young adult's position and valuable contribution in everyday life. Another important aspect of the classroom environment is its continued emphasis on work in nature, in order to instill an appreciation and understanding of the responsibility of the planet on which we live and are a part of. Our four core areas of nature conservation, arts, sustainability (farming), and entrepreneurship are truly put to the test here, with more opportunities to expand studies beyond the school's farm and into the local society and businesses.


Our oldest students will have the opportunity to create a micro-economy and practice their small business skills. In addition, internships and work opportunities are important element of the curriculum for our lower secondary students, as they are a way to explore the ideas of learning and leading, as well as the adult work of profession and work.

Our students will have two internships each year.  In the fall, they have a child development internship and in the spring, they have a career internship.  While the internships are different with a variety of goals, they offer extremely valuable and timely opportunities for our students which result in deepening their understanding of themselves, of others, and of what it takes to actually work.

The upper secondary curriculum is still under development and will be added here, when more is available. Our hope is to offer residency and boarding at this level down the line, to further prepare our students for independent, adult life.


For further inspiration about what we are preparing for, we invite you to read this great article from the International Montessori Training Institute.

We are also inspired by the Hershey Montessori School in Ohio and The Homestead School in New York, and are hoping to bring this secondary education experience to our farm-based school in Delaware County.

Any further questions on what a high school program at Bovina Montessori will look like can be directed to our Middle School Guide, Taylor Henry at

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