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Montessori math

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to support the natural development of human beings from early life to young adulthood, enabling them to become creative, responsible, loving, and transforming agents in society, leading to a more harmonious, sustainable, and peaceful world. 



Our mission is to provide access to a safe and nurturing, developmentally appropriate, educational environment, for all children seeking it. 

Our mission is to offer a world-class, AMI-recognized, Montessori education for children from ages 8 weeks to 18 years, in a beautiful rural farm setting, where the outdoor classroom and the indoor classroom meet and complement each other, and where we draw inspiration and learn from the nature surrounding us.

Our mission is to employ permaculture principles & design, sustainable and regenerative practices, and nature conservation ethics in our school life and daily work, recognizing our stewardship of the planet and our responsibility as individuals and as a community to the land. Students at our school and farm will learn to observe and cooperate with nature, gaining skills to enjoy a harmonious and lasting relationship with their natural surroundings.

Our mission is to kindle a joy of learning, a strong sense of curiosity, a willingness to always ask questions, as well as a mastering of critical thinking. 

Our mission is to support each individual student's creative imagination and artful expression, through skills-based learning, thus building a love for the beauty, fun, and healing effects of art.

Our mission is to nurture in our students an entrepreneurial spirit so they can live a sustainable and abundant life, which includes building the skills towards (financial) independence in whatever endeavor they pursue. 

Our mission is to instill in our students the importance of (involvement in) community, caring and helping each other, volunteering, service, grace & courtesy, peaceful interaction, and collective strength as a vital part of them fulfilling their potential.

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