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Natural Playground

A Different Playground


We are actively planning a large-scale playground to be designed by Ron King, founder of Natural Playgrounds Company, which has been designing beautiful, safe, and philosophically appropriate natural play spaces for 25 years.





Our playground will be created for both our students, and the Delware County community at large. Research shows that conventional playground equipment allows only repetitive play and physical exercise, while an intentional natural play environment like the one we are planning, affords strong cognitive and emotional development of children, including improved concentration, less aggressive behavior, advanced motor fitness, and an overall healthier and more diverse range of play.


To bring a high-quality, safe, natural play environment to our school, and opening it to the larger community, we need to fundraise for the design and initial planning, including permitting. Our goal is to raise $15,000. The design will require aerial photographs of the area, as the playground will be integrated into the topography of the land, covering one full acre. The design will anticipate a staged build, however, as we expect to initially only build out half an acre, and execute the remaining design at a later date. (Of course, this could well change if our fund-raising success here excels!)


We need your support. Please contribute toward this school and community project, bringing a high-value natural playground to Bovina Center

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