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We are NYSED approved!

David and I are so thrilled to let you all know that we have received a letter confirming our NYSED consent to open the school!

This is a seminal moment in the school’s history! They have given us the approval to incorporate and thus soon start the student enrollment and teacher hiring process, as well as begin to order materials, furniture, etc..

The school will not open before NYSED has received and reviewed our certificate of occupancy and fire inspection report; still, these are only formalities at this point!

The School License - or Commissioner's Consent as it is officially called - is 1 of the 5 cap stones needed for us to start the school:

  1. Getting the license from NYS ED (check!)

  2. Getting great teachers (we have 53 current applicants and are in the process of interviewing them)

  3. Getting families to sign up (we have 30+ letters of intent as we need to start)

  4. Getting a great location (we are close!)

The last and final cap stone (5) is to get the financing to purchase the farm property for the school and for the reconstruction work that needs to happen.

With the School License, we are now one step closer to achieving all this, and hope to get everything in place within the next month. We hope to give you some very good news here soon.

Thank you as always, for being on this journey with us!

Sophie & David

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