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Toddler class?

Requests have been made for a toddler classroom - so we are considering opening one for ages 18m-3yrs.

We past the 80th mark for folks who've signed up for updates about the school (yay!), many of whom are writing as families. We knew you were out there, and we are so happy we are all finding each other!

Not only that, but your comments and questions have been pushing us even more forward, as we can feel your enthusiasm for the project - thank you so much!

A few of you asked after our last update, whether we would consider opening a toddler classroom, and we are listening! We are now projecting this into our school budget and hope to recruit a toddler Montessori teacher for this fall.

Again, this all depends on many factors, of course, including getting the school license, finding the right person, ensuring funds, and securing the school property, etc.

Rest assure, we are aware of your wishes, and we will try our utmost to fulfil them!

More to come; we cannot wait to meet you all soon!


Sophie & David



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