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School Property Reveal!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We've had a little radio silence on the blog, because of things truly picking up! We now have 2.5 months to go before we hope to open our school doors, and we are feeling the (summer) heat!

Still, there have been some great milestones for us, including our first "Open House/Farm" visit to the future school property! 50+ parents and kids joined us for what turned out to be a fabulous summer day, and we were finally able to share more of the vision we have about the school. We hope to do another one in July, for those who are interested. More to share here soon. Also great is that we have finally reached an agreement with our lenders. We are now ready to close on the school property - all we need is a minimum of 25-30 students, and the school will open this September 2021. Thank you to all of the families, who have signed a pre-admission - you are truly making this happen!! Oh, and look for more news on teacher meet-and-greets: coming up this week!

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