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Presenting the family behind the future Bovina Center Montessori School

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We thought it was time we introduced ourselves!

After all this wonderful support, we thought it only prudent to disclose who we actually are!

First off, David and I are originally from Denmark. We moved to New York in 2008, and had two kids born in Brooklyn over the span of 11 years. We loved our time in Brooklyn, but we kept yearning for more nature, more space, and more freedom to follow all of our varied creative and crafty pursuits!

It was through close friends that we were introduced to Delaware County, and when we visited Bovina for the first time, we knew we had "come home". If you'd asked us if we ever thought we would be building a permaculture farm in the outskirts of a town with less than 600 people in the Northwestern Catskills, we would've thought you were crazy!

Yet here we are, and as life goes, we now have found our calling-to-be to build a Montessori school for the community we have come to love and feel a belonging to.

You can read more briefly about our professional backgrounds under the Staff & Board page.

All the best,

Sophie & David

PS. Our hope is to have a personal meeting this coming Spring, where you can get a chance to meet us, and ask more questions about the school. More about that soon!

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