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Opening Ceremony + Reveal of Brand/Logo!

The sun came out, the temperatures warmed up, and we had a beautiful Opening Ceremony last Friday, September 3rd, with so many coming to celebrate our school's opening.

The great lawn was abuzz with children, parents, locals, staff, and other friends, and even bunnies and piglets(!), cementing the arrival of our little Montessori school in Delaware County. Thank you all for joining, or for cheering elsewhere, and for your continued support and assistance as we reached this big milestone!

We had 50+ auction items on display(!), graciously donated by folks, for our first silent auction / fundraiser, with lots of bids coming in during the afternoon to support tuition aid for families.

We also were able to finally reveal our school's logo and mascot, the WOLF! After lots of consideration of what our school brand would be, we landed on a young NC farmer artist's woodcut of a friendly and active wolf, which articulates our strong emphasis on self-made arts/crafts, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the wilderness our school is situated in.

The wolf resembles for us so many of the qualities we look for in our students, and which we hope to cultivate in them while they are at our school: independence and leadership, loyalty to and care for "the pack" or community, strength and determination, and acute intuition or awareness of their surroundings. Like we know from experience with reintroducing wolves into environments in order to balance out an ecosystem, we hope to aid our "wolves" in becoming helpful agents in society, creating an overall more healthy and harmonious world, as per our School's Vision.

After this emotional and gratifying day, we've been working hard to prepare the last elements before students join for orientation week this week, and we will soon be reaching out to all who bid on auction pieces to finalize bids. Thank you for your patience here!

Finally, on behalf of all of our BCMS faculty, staff, and school board; we are so grateful to have you along for the journey with us. May this first school year be a great one - Go Wolves!

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