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NYSED Application for school license sent

Hello friends!

We are happy to announce that on Monday, March 1st - after two months of work and prepping - we sent out the 150+ page school application to the NYSED, and thus started the process towards officially establishing the school!

We have been in regular, positive contact with the office connected to approving the license prior to this, and we expect to continue being in communication with them, until we have the license secured (aka the “Commissioner’s Consent”). While they are processing the documents, we are working hard on the school budgets, and will continue to meet with lenders and foundations these coming weeks. The building of the school will from the outset be a community-wide effort - a lot of funding is needed to make this school safe, ready, and the best it can be! Also, we will be working on teacher job descriptions these coming weeks, as we plan to start recruitment soon. We are thankfully working with some very skilled and experienced Montessori people here, to help us with this process. Rest assured, you will be the first to know as soon as we have received the approval of the school license. Thank you for continuing being on this journey with us! Warmly, Sophie & David

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