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Meet the Teachers and New Open House Day!

We are inching closer to our official School incorporation date in July, and the energy is palpable!

Once the school incorporates, all systems are go, including the start of renovations and preparing the land and buildings for instruction.

We are so happy to invite you to meet two of our three lead educators on Zoom, this Sunday, June 27.

Our elementary educator Charlotte will be available at 10:00am online, and our primary lead educator Brin will be available at 11am online. Our toddler lead educator Gabrielle is currently undergoing Montessori training in Connecticut, but will soon be available as well!

If you are interested in meeting the teacher(s), please sign up here.

We are also excited to share another School Open House for anyone interested, this Monday, June 28 at 6pm, where we will take a tour of the property. If you are interested in joining us for this event, sign up here.

If neither of these dates work for you, rest assure that more of these will happen during summer.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

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