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We're Back!

After some incredibly busy months building and starting our school, we are ready to return to our blog with more news!

We are so happy to share with you all that the school is up and running, that we’ve been blessed with a wonderful group of children and families, who took a great leap with us this inaugural year, in the midst of a pandemic, and that we are expanding!

Here are some highlights

  • 2 buildings with 3 classrooms in operation at the farm

  • 6 guides (teachers) employed + 1 Middle School Guide contracted

  • 35 children enrolled (we hoped for 25 the first year)

  • Waitlist for Toddler (18-36m) and Primary (3-6y) classes

Since opening, we have been brushing, cutting, cleaning and tidying across the school grounds and in our buildings and their systems, making the spaces more our own and making the old "Suits Us" Farm come alive again.

We’ve increased our teaching staff, along with the influx of more students. You can read more about all of them under Our Faculty page, including our newest addition: our first middle school guide!

We currently have 35 children across three, mixed-aged classrooms (toddler 18-36 months, primary 3-6 years, and elementary 6-12 years), and are planning to open our middle school (12-15 years) classroom this fall 2022.

We have opened for enrollment in all of our classrooms, so let us know if you, or a family you know, would be interested in learning more, would like to sign up for an open house, or submit an application!

We are looking so much forward to sharing with you all of our plans in the coming months, as we hope to grow and strengthen this daycare and school service to the community.

More information coming

Here are a few things which you will be learning more about in the near future:

You will get a chance to read more about our new middle school guide and curriculum developer, Ryan Tucker, in our next blog post, as well as hear more about when you can meet Ryan on campus or online on a video call.

We will let you know of our specific plans for renovations and upgrades inside and outside around the school campus.

We will be writing more about our hopes for summer programming, which will be open to the greater community. Summer projects and programming will relate to our school’s four core “CASE” areas; nature Conservation/wildlife, Arts, Sustainable farming/gardening and Entrepreneurship

We plan to tell you more about our future after-school programming for the greater community, in areas such as soccer, baseball, arts, dance, yoga, and more.

We are working on raising funds for our farm projects, including a kitchen garden, chicken coop and pastures for livestock, and look forward to sharing more on these developments!

Things you can do

Here is what you can do meanwhile:

  1. Come and visit us at an open house!

  2. Share our mailing list link with friends and families, who may be interested in our programs and offers!

  3. Donate to our scholarship fund, to support local families in need of financial aid to attend our school!

  4. Donate to any of our many school projects! We are planning to renovate our in-ground swimming pool, our tennis court, build a baseball/soccer field, and provide more playgrounds, parking, and indoor/outdoor spaces from programming, incl. for our farm projects! Please get in touch with us, if you or someone you know would be interested in supporting or funding a specific project. Many of these facilities we intend to be available to enrolled students as well as visiting children.

  5. Let us know of any after school program you would like to offer our local and visiting kids. Do you have any skills or background in arts, sports, or other kid-friendly pursuits? We hope to serve many more children, who are looking for more extra-curricular opportunities in the area.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks, and to hearing from you!

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