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First online info session about the future school

We are happy to say that we have a date and time ready for the first online info session on the future school!

If you would like to hear what we are up to and get answers to your burning questions, we are planning to meet on Saturday, April 24, at 5pm EST. We will be joined by one of our Montessori consultants, Barbara Callahan at this meeting.

The agenda of the meeting will be:

  1. Our story and vision

  2. The programs and why

  3. Parent, family and community involvement

  4. Admission, tuition and scholarships

  5. Status of school opening and next steps

If you are interested in joining — or get a summary of the meeting — please sign up by clicking here.

​We are looking very much forward to meeting you all, hear your questions and share more!

Sophie & David

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