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Co-working space for parents at the school? Yes!

As families have started signing their children up for school start in September 2021, we've had questions about the option for getting a desk at the school for work, while the kids are in session.

Well, as it happens we actually would have space for this!

There are rooms in the property available for multiple-use options, so in addition to a communal space for working, there would also be rooms for private zoom/phone calls and even meetings. The property also has fiber, so you can connect to the world in full speed.

We think it's a wonderful opportunity to create our own co-working space for parents who have jobs that allow for remote work some days.

Not only would this be a great way to save time on transport back and forth to the school - it would also be away to further create a strong community around everything at the school.

Write us at if you an interest in signing up for this option.



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